Okay so I’m obsessed with Alessia’s “Know-It-All” ep…let’s say that I’M LATE into the game but: I DON’T CARE.

Her songs are mostly about typical teenagers nowadays….like being antisocial (“Here”), doing crazy things with friends (“Wild Things”) and confusing young love (“I’m Yours”).

Some of her songs are also powerful and emotional.

Like “Scars to your Beautiful”, which is a song about women in general and learning how to love yourself for who you are.

And a very sad song called “River of Tears” (it’s pretty obvious by the title) which is not only about a girl CRYING but it is also about a girl remembering her past with the guy that broke her heart. (OUCH. 😭)

I also like “Overdosed”. It’s not only catchy but I like how the song is about a guy who’s driving a girl wild. You can pretty much compare it to “Wild” by Troye Sivan (UHM, SONG REFERENCE!!! Wild by Troye ft. ALESSIA Cara was just out! 🎡🎡🎡)

The songs that I can REALLY relate to are ‘Here’ and ‘Wild Things’.

I can relate to Here because I am pretty introverted (but that doesn’t mean I don’t have friends!) Introverted, like, when you bring me to a party, you would have to force me to socialize with people.

I don’t like being forced to like people. I would just like someone if I see the person Β having a likeable personality.


Now here’s the ironic part….I relate to ‘Wild Things’ so much. Lmao, one moment I’m talking about being antisocial, now I’m talking about having friends.

I can relate to Wild Things because I have crazy friends and we also love being “adventurous” πŸ˜‚. Especially the part where ALESSIA sings “they’re blabla BUT YOU AND ME, WE’RE PIONEERS”…..that’s totally my squad!

We’re PIONEERS. We’re the ones who start things. We were the first ones to be cool. (Shoutout to them!: Elisha Umipig, Jelo Eusebio, Faye Fejer, Rhasylle Estrabo, Maritoni Figurasin and Mayumi Tamaki πŸ’œ)

So that’s it. I post every week. New blog here πŸ˜‚

I just wanted to express how I admire Alessia. I’ve been pretty busy with Spotify for a week. #musicislife

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